LINN’s Values represent who we are and the types of people we want to join our team. They serve as a constant reminder to employees about the qualities and behaviors that drive our success. At LINN, success is defined not only by “what” we do but also by “how” we do it. These Values guide the way we work together to achieve our goals and build a successful Company.

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“LINN is very clear about our core values. I fully agree with all of them. Knowing that LINN will never ask me to do anything outside of those values, there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for LINN Energy.”

– LINN Employee, Trust Audit Survey

Embrace and Drive Change: LINN is constantly growing. With growth, comes change — embrace and drive it! Explore new possibilities. We all make mistakes, and sometimes fail, but we can learn a great deal from failure. Embrace challenges and be open-minded to new and innovative thinking.

Pursue Growth: The continued growth of the Company is crucial to our long-term success. To achieve this, we must each grow our own capability and capacity. One of our goals at LINN is to help employees reach their full potential. Individual success is LINN’s success.

Take Action: At LINN, we are committed to taking action and doing the right thing. As employees, we drive the Company’s performance. When we are successful, the Company is successful. All of us must take ownership of our projects and hold ourselves accountable for the quality and timeliness of the end results.

Respect: Everyone deserves respect. We are approachable and remove obstacles to enable others to succeed. We acknowledge the contributions of others. We understand that the best ideas and decisions are usually made by collective teams.

Be Passionate: We value passion, determination and perseverance. Passion and determination are contagious and lead to the pursuit of success. When we succeed, we celebrate! We have fun at work. We are bold and creative in our approach, and we strive to energize people around us.

Connect: Connect with people. Connections are open and honest relationships built on trust and communication. Strong connections lead to cohesive teamwork and success. We act with integrity, compassion and loyalty in all of our relationships. We strive to deliver clear, consistent and concise communication to verify everyone understands the role they play and the role their team plays in achieving LINN’s goals.

Living our Values

Embrace and Drive Change, Pursue Growth and Take Action

In 2014, April C. expressed to her supervisor her desire for a greater professional challenge. She approached her boss with a proposal that, if successful, could not only make well completions more efficient but could also provide cost savings. Being open to his team members pursuing professional growth opportunities, April’s boss gave her approval to research how LINN could better predict the viability of waterflooding at that asset. Since the effectiveness of waterflooding is dependent upon characteristics within the rock formation, April is researching and using technical skills such as core analysis and 3D geological modeling to determine whether the waterflood method would stimulate the wells enough to economically produce oil. If proven viable at this asset, her recommendations could allow LINN to be more confident about its chances of success when waterflooding. April embodied the Values of “Embrace and Drive Change,” through her innovative ideas to enhance an existing process; “Pursue Growth,” by seeking out additional skills; and “Take Action,” through her willingness to seize new opportunities within the Company.

LINN’s Values are not only used to measure our overall success but are also incorporated into our employees’ annual performance assessments. During each employee’s formal performance review, a portion of his or her evaluation is based on how well he or she demonstrates LINN’s Values. They are also incorporated into Performance Improvement Plans and Corrective Action Notice Plans when an employee does not meet expectations or is underperforming in his or her role. Connecting LINN’s Values to job performance encourages each employee to remain focused on the value system that drives our success. Learn more about how we can connect our Values with performance by visiting our Recognition and Rewards section.

Additionally, in an effort to help all new employees become familiar with our culture, we provide Values training as part of the integration process. In 2014, through numerous acquisitions and asset swaps, LINN gained approximately 250 new employees. During the integration process, each of these employees was introduced to the LINN Values through a series of executive presentations as well as an intensive, instructor-led training course that each new employee was required to complete within, on average, the first 45 days of joining our team.