Corporate Responsibility

LINN Energy, LLC (“LINN” or the “Company”) is a responsible operator committed to developing oil and natural gas resources in a manner that protects our employees, contractors, communities and environment. Corporate responsibility is our way of integrating our Values into our business with a focus on people, communities and the environment. Corporate responsibility takes into account the current and long-term interests and perspectives of stakeholders, including investors, employees, communities, business partners, regulators and nongovernmental organizations.

Corporate responsibility is not a new concept at LINN. Many of the programs and practices addressing important topics related to people, communities and the environment have been underway since the company was created. This website provides a way to share our current programs and practices with our stakeholders and other interested parties.

One element of our business model that must be considered in all aspects of corporate responsibility is our targeted use of acquisitions for growth. We focus on long-life, high-quality U.S. oil and natural gas basins that provide significant opportunities for future growth and consolidation. These mature assets offer long-life, high-quality production with relatively predictable decline curves and low-risk development opportunities. Once part of our portfolio, our focus then shifts to the integration of these assets, including infrastructure upgrades, cultural alignment, data collection and IT consolidation. Through the lens of corporate responsibility, successful integration allows for the efficient operation of our assets with continued focus on lowering costs and reducing capital intensity while maintaining our commitment to employee safety and environmental protection.

In 2014, LINN aggressively pursued this model. Over the course of the year, we executed a series of acquisitions, divestitures and asset swaps to realign our portfolio with our strategy.  As a result of this rapid realignment of our company, we have had to consider how to interpret and baseline our corporate responsibility data in order to accurately reflect these changes. As we progress through the integration process, we aim to demonstrate the positive impacts we have on acquired assets.

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